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The Women's Kiteboarding Collective officially launches as a complete rebrand of KB4girls

Posted: Wed Sep 20, 2017 5:48 pm
by Toby
The Women's Kiteboarding Collective officially launches as a complete rebrand of KB4girls

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KB4girls has been officially rebranded into The Women’s Kiteboarding Collective. With the new name comes clarified objectives, a modernized movement and the bringing together a new experienced team and charity Board of Directors.

As the sport has progressed over recent years, a complete transformation of the organization was required. The new name reflects both us “growing up” as an organization and important industry demographic. It also allows our team to focus on the important work of helping women to connect as well as be educated and get inspired together, rather than explaining what we do and who we serve.

Along with a new logo, website and social media, our thriving Facebook Group with 2,169 members and growing daily has already become the go-to forum for all kiteboarding females, no matter their location, age or experience.

The rebrand has created a modern platform that showcases the Women’s Kiteboarding Collective as the premier resource for female kitesurfers around the world.

Lead by industry experts, Laurel Eastman and Elea Faucheron, the Women’s Kiteboarding Collective is supported by a newly elected Charity Board. The Board members are all highly skilled individuals passionate about kiteboarding and offer a variety of much needed skills to drive the charity’s goals forward.

In the words of co-chair Elea: "It is hoped that the Women's Kiteboarding Collective will lead more women into the sport, be an advocate women's issues within the sport, and empower women not only on the water but also in their dreams to change the world."

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For more information please contact:
Laurel Eastman, Board Co-Chair -