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Globerider GK3 Lift manual or specs needed

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Globerider GK3 Lift manual or specs needed

Postby jokkergsm » Sat Sep 23, 2017 6:33 am

has anyone got a manual or some specs for the gk3 lift ?

i bought this kite(15m) in really good condition and the guy only had the back kpo bridles which are : 50cm extension line and + 35cm thicker rope where the ring "sits".. these were connected between P1 and B1(i hope this is the right place)Image

on the LEI i added a 130cm line between L3 and S1 and a second knot at 140cm but i've only tested in low wind and seem to work ok, but i would like to know the exact length to have a proper depower in high winds, of course if that is the right configuration (not sure if it needs a second smaller bridle + ring like the trix or sonic)

i also added a 5th line which works very well

also the kite even in standard c configuration is incredibly slow and laggy thru the turns so maybe i could use reverse kpo to change that

i know it's an old kite, but i haven't heard a bad thing about it yet so this was one of the reasons i bought it, plus the fact that is very customisable, also i learned and used only C kites which are incredibly fast thru turns(which i really like) but for some reason it's not working here

i'm sorry if i may not use all the right terms, english is my second language

10x in advance !

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Re: Globerider GK3 Lift manual or specs needed

Postby Starsky » Sat Sep 23, 2017 1:05 pm

Dude! Thats an old kite for sure. Remember wanting one, and no I never did read a bad word. Would be interesting to know how it feels compared to the current C kites. I bet its slow in comparison, but otherwise fine. I have a couple old C kites. Nothing that vintage but I have an 09 I still use. Its slow but still super fun in the right conditions.

I can't help you, but am interested as hell in seeing if someone can.

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