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Naish Pivot turns very slow

Posted: Wed Oct 04, 2017 2:05 pm
by jourivl
I just got a Naish Pivot 14m (2017) and took it a couple of times on the water. I find it very slow and havn't found a way to tune it right.
I ve played with the outer lines knots and with the rear power adjuster points.
Whatever, I tried, the kite seems very sloppy and slow.
My previous 14 was a Naish Bolt and strangely enough, way faster....

I must be a tuning deal.... Any suggestions?

Re: Naish Pivot turns very slow

Posted: Wed Oct 04, 2017 2:21 pm
by MartinO
I went from a 12m 2009 Cult to a 12m 2015 Pivot and I expterienced the same thing. I felt that the Pivot was very slow and that if felt sluggish. After a couple of sessions I got used to that the Pivot needs bigger bar input to turn fast. I haven´t tried the Bolt, but atleast it looks similar to my Cult (that I still use in the 9m size). The Cult reacts totally different to bar input. Even a small pull in one of the steering lines makes it start to turn right away, and you can get it to turn quite fast if you want. But it is the direct reaction to small, effortless bar input that makes it feel reactive and fast. The Pivot on the other hand turns very slowly on small bar inputs and almost ignores it. But if you really crank the bar, the Pivot turns even faster than the Cult, just in a totally different way. Pivot is just the perfect name since it kind of pivots around without making a arc in the turn. I really didn´t like it first. I was very close to selling it or even trying to return it because I couldn´t get along with the behaviour. But just after a few sessions I learned to use the new way to turn a kite and I appreciate that the kite is calm and steady until you really turn it actively. A year later, I really love the pivot, especially in waves, but also for general freeriding. However the 12m and the 14m might be quite different, especially in turning speed.