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2018 North Evo, any thoughts?

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Re: 2018 North Evo, any thoughts?

Postby edt » Sat Feb 03, 2018 9:17 pm

lindseym wrote:
Sun Jan 21, 2018 1:31 am
Frozenfox wrote:
Sat Jan 20, 2018 12:09 pm
Has anyone bought or had a chance to fly the new 2018 North Evo, any thoughts on the new 3 strut design, how does it compare to previous generations, noticible improvement or a step backwards this year?
Disclaimer - North Team Rider here. That out of the way - I did have a chance to put some time in on a 12m Evo in fairly gusty conditions a few weeks back. Overall I was impressed and I like it more than previous years. It feels a lot like the new Rebel but turns faster and, of course, doesn't have the same hangtime but is definitely more versatile. I previously posted a review on here with some video (not that great). I definitely do not think its a step backwards although some may disagree. Its range seems to be pretty solid and like the rebel, I think it may be a bit more forgiving and stable than previous iterations. If you can definitely take it out for a demo prior to buying. Ultimately, I think you will be very pleased.
I've love some input from a team rider. Is the Evo just better than the Rebel this year? I don't understand why these two kites occupy the same market niche. Thanks for any answers.

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Re: 2018 North Evo, any thoughts?

Postby purdyd » Sun Feb 04, 2018 4:47 am

if you look at north’s usage charts it appears that the rebel is still the top end hangtime king.

I think it was smart for north to remove two of the struts in the evo as it makes it clearer the rebel is king of the air and the evo a better all around kite. A jack of all trades as they say.

Evo chart below.

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