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5 Best kiteboards for Jumping and Big Air

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5 Best kiteboards for Jumping and Big Air

Postby Toby » Thu Mar 01, 2018 8:54 am

5 Best kiteboards for Jumping and Big Air: Versus Ep 19

The funny thing about kiteboarding is you can throw the most advanced wakestyle trick imaginable, and to the average person on the street, it means nothing. Now, send the kite high and get 40 feet of air and all of a sudden people lose their minds!

Crowds literary form to watch the show. Best of all, big air is fairly easy to do. Get good speed, send it and pull the trigger!
You just need a little grit and a lot of control.

One of the most fun aspects of kiteboarding is going all out at full speed and just sending it. On those days where the wind is so strong that the beach is empty except for a hand full of wind junkies.

Your heart is pounding, all you hear is the constant hum of the wind in your ears and the shouting of your friends as you set up.

Cars line up to watch the show, people venture out to the pier to see what's going on. It’s one of the most exciting and eye-catching aspects of our multifaceted sport.

All that said, we don't always have the opportunity to ride in conditions like this. Leaving many people wondering how to get big air on the moderate days. To this, it comes down to two things. Time on the water building skill and using the right tools for the conditions you're in.

In this blog, I'm going to break down the 5 best kiteboards for big air in average conditions and in high wind conditions. If you're interested in boards for stonger winds I have a full blog post on this subject you can read here.

Now, I need to lead in with some parameters for my choices. When it comes to big air, there are different schools of thought and a ton of variables to consider. From conditions to rider skill level.

So for this video, I’m choosing boards that will perform well for normal riders, in appropriately powered conditions, not too light, not too strong. These well rounded boards will help you take your jumping to a higher level.

All that said, this is about getting a conversation going. This series is an open forum so I welcome your feedback. Old-school kiteboarders, chime in and educate everyone on your picks. New-school riders please do the same. If you’re riding a kiteboard that you use for big air right now, tell us what you’re using and what you love about it! If you’re using any of the kiteboards on this list, tell us what you like and what you don’t like about them in the comments of the YouTube video.

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