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Is Wakestyle dead?

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Re: Is Wakestyle dead?

Postby SSK » Thu May 10, 2018 2:16 am

I went to the random sentence generator
The craft prosecutes beside a diagram. Your sympathetic bridge punts near an obvious accountant. An older framework births the compelling purpose. The inquiring scandal apologizes on top of a staggering chorus. A binding touch lifts up the systematic mandate. The incorporating tax covers an initiate. Before the reactor hums the mandatory exposure. Why won't the bench avoid a ghost? The scratched venture chords the undesirable disgust.
I compared it to this
What you are describing is mediocrity & we have a world full of mediocre plastic trash... not sure we need anymore beancounters & Bad products & a growing mountain of trash. You are confusing passion for detail, the steady buildup of traditional skill and knowledge with mediocre survival ... Two different things. I don’t know about you, but I never settle for stuff. Wakestyle has its merits, it will always be part of the traditional store of skills, it’s certainly admirable in its own right, but it’s not the standard for all disciplines, that’s a ridiculous claim. Besides, standards change & usually it’s the creative types that change them... creativity requires mastery of the current standard, it’s not as easy as edt Imagines, but it also goes beyond them... so, I‘m glad Aaron & Lewis are holding up the standard in wakestyle, but it’s going to change, it’s inevitable. I‘m curious what they do next. The scale measuring technique and creativity is a very fine one: when technique tips over into creativity, a new standard is born & you better keep up... Wakestyle is stagnating at the moment so I‘m curious what they do next.
Surprising but the first one I kind of get the meaning; the second one no idea. Maybe I am just not smart enough.

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