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Core Fusion 3 LW... does anyone ride it?

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Re: Core Fusion 3 LW... does anyone ride it?

Postby Palti » Fri Jun 15, 2018 1:07 pm


now my vacation in greece is nearly over and i wanna tell you what i found outabout the Fusion 3 LW 152cm.
I compared it to a RL Board Door 160x50 double carbon version.
Yes they are diffrent sizes but thats not the ig deal i think. both are dedicated Lightwind Board.
I'm around 100kg and use a Core XR 4 19m as lightwind kite. We have at my "Homespot" directly to my camping area mostly lightwind conditions with very choppy water.
There is a water current which produces waves and the wind genereates also waves, but they are not alligned to each other. so you have very short
waves an bumps during riding also in light conditions.
So its not a perfect spot, but i like it.
With the RL Board Door i can start to ride at 9-10 kts and hold or gain a little hight. With the Fusion 3 i loose round about 1 kts, so i start later to ride.
At a flat water spot i think both boards would perform earlier. But the biggest issue on my beach are the chopps and short waves.
Here the Fusion 3 shows his abilyties, due to the big Rocker ( over 5 cm) its in comparison like riding with shock absorbers, its much smoother and keeps the rail longer
when the Door starts to jump out of the edge. But i wondered how fast it gained speed and how small is the performece loss to the Door when you think about the Rocker Line which is min double.
The other possitive effect i found out was its much looser and feels much smaller. after a while you dont feel you have a gib Lightwind board under your feet.
Jumps including Pop works fine, rotations are easier due to the light weigth and turns and transitions works realy fine.
In flat water conditions i was able to hold the edge with the 19m kite in gusts up to 17kts without bigger problems.
Resuming i would buy i allways again.
the Loss of a little Lowend is nothing compared to the fun factor, loose, small feeling you have and performance you get out of this board.
Im impressed and when it lasts some years its realy worth the money.

If you think about a LW Board which behaves much smaller test this board and find out if it fits to your style.

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