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Postby JMF » Sun Oct 06, 2002 12:47 pm

TORO 2003

The Toro is the ultimate freeride kite in North’s product range. It is very easy to re-launch in the water and builds up a very constant, steady pull once it is in the air. This kite is capable of smooth and fast turns and is therefore very easy to control.
The Toro features a low aspect ratio and its smaller sizes respond slowly. This is of advantage in high wind conditions since it makes the kite easier to control. However, its larger sizes are similar in response due to the optimized Progressive Geometry that keeps timing in jumps unchanged for all sizes.

The Variable Turning Speed Variations System allows individual tuning according to the rider’s needs. By varying the distance between flying line and bridle line with the Turning Speed Controller, the Toro can be used as a light wind killer or as a slow wake style kite.

For beginners and for ultimate wake style tricks, the Toro can be converted to a two line kite with the Double Conversion Kit. This reduces the kite’s turning speed and makes it easier to handle for beginners and for advanced kiters who want to ride technical wake style maneuvers.
The Toro is available in various sizes ranging from 2 m2 to 18 m2.


Hollow Leech Excess leech tension creates too much air resistance and impairs the ability to perform big jumps. Too little air tension causes the leech to flap and flutter, puts a strain on material and reduces the kite’s lift. North’s Hollow Leech technology is the perfect solution to this problem. It guarantees maximum performance and ridiculous airtime.

Segmented Leading Edge The leading edge is composed of conical segments for a precise distribution of stresses that enhances the kite’s durability. The main seam is tucked away behind the leading edge for protection.

Turning Speed Controller Optional points of attachment at the ends of North kites offer the opportunity to attach the bridle lines closer to the front lines. This reduces the kite’s speed and agility. Ideal for beginners practicing with small kite sizes or for wake style.

Super Seam Technology All North kites feature glued triple seams. While gluing alone would be sufficient to hold the material together, this advanced technology guarantees even distribution of stresses and avoids ripping that may occur along single stitch seams.

Leading Edge & Tips All areas exposed to high stresses are made of top quality 160 g Dacron. This is the most durable and rip proof material used for kites and never delaminates.

Canopy The canopy is made of T 9 Polyester Ripstop for low weight and durability. This material is absolutely hydrophobic and UV inhibited on both sides.

Bladders Our UV inhibited Polyester Polyurethane bladders prove to be absolutely reliable and even the small cross tubes are now equipped with safety valves.


The Rhino 2 is North’s new powerful high aspect ratio kite. Due to its higher aspect ratio, the Rhino 2 flies very close to the wind, offers best upwind ability and extreme lift in jumps. A significantly larger number of segments in the canopy keeps its surface smooth and homogenous for enhanced stability in the air. The Rhino’s improved aerodynamic qualities provide better lift, more hangtime and make it more versatile (wider depower range).
The Rhino 2 is fast and reliable in the air and particularly its larger sizes are unbeatable in low wind conditions. Therefore we only produce sizes ranging from 10 to 20 m2.

Our new Variable Turning Speed Variation System permits a range of individual setups to suit the rider’s requirements. The Turning Speed Controllers are used to adjust the space between flying and bridle lines and thus influence the kite’s agility.




The new high performance kite Rhino 2 has a higher Aspect Ratio than the Toro. This provides it with better upwind abilities and more performance in low wind conditions. Furthermore, the Rhino 2 has a wider wind range due to the higher ratio. This kite has a fantastic lift but requires more advanced skills to keep its temperament under control. The Rhino’s narrow shape makes it more impulsive in building up pressure as opposed to the Toro that provides a constant, steady pull.

Due to its higher performance, the Rhino 2 is manufactured only in sizes ranging from 20 to 10 m2. The Rhino 2 is the perfect low wind weapon while the Toro’s easy handling guarantees excellent performance in difficult conditions such as high wind.

Superior water re-launch capabilities and easy handling will make the Toro the first choice for beginners while more experienced riders will appreciate the advantages of both kites and make their choice according to their individual style and preferences. Generally speaking, the Rhino 2 is more suitable for light wind areas and the Toro offers ideal characteristics for wake style kiters.

performance ++ +
upwind abilities ++ +
wind range ++ +
lift for jumps ++ +
hangtime ++ ++
water re-launch + ++
constant pull + ++
easy handling + ++
beginners - ++
advanced riders ++ ++
expert riders ++ ++

LIZARD – Trainerkite

The North Trainer-Kite was especially developed by the North Kiteboarding design team for the first steps in learning to kitesurf. The trainer-kite permit a safe and easy introduction for beginners of all ages and help understand and safely use the kite. These first experiences can later be adapted on the water. Thanks to the Air Ram construction the Lizard is very durable and easy to build. This two-line kite has a beautiful design and clear handling. With its technically advanced paraglider design and a balanced angle of attack it is stable in the wind window. Even in gusty wind it is resistant to luffing and reacts directly to steering impulses.

The North Lizard trainer-kite is available in a size of 2m2 and comes with an Airfoil bag, Bar and flying lines.


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Pedro Marcos
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Postby Pedro Marcos » Sun Oct 06, 2002 6:36 pm

On photos the 14m have 7 bladders.

The 12m only have 5?

I thought only 10m will have 5 bladders.

Excluding the LE.

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Postby JMF » Sun Oct 06, 2002 6:46 pm

Yeah you find that too on the WIPIKA AIRBLAST as well..the bigger kites have more bladders/struts than the smaller ones.

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