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Posted: Mon Sep 30, 2002 4:26 am
by EH Kiteboards
Kite-Board building work shops in Cabarete

For more info goto :

Our work-shop includes; one EH Custom Carbon/Kevlar board, transportation from and to the airport, 7 all inclusive nights at the four star Tropical Laguna Hotel or Tropical Beach Hotel.

Work Shop description,

The workshop teaches you how to build your own Kite board from A to Z as described on The course teaches you a kite-board building process refined during 20 years of board building , the shapes are based on feedback from Cabarete's best kite boarders. You will learn vacuum assisted laminating, basic sandwich construction, foam shaping techniques etc.. At the end of the course you will have a state of the art Kite-Board that you can take home and all the knowledge to build an other one or maybe you will set up shop in your own country. We will give you a CD of the latest version of .
Typically the work shops run from 10am to noon, for 5 day's and we are located in Cabarete town with in minutes from your hotel.
Your accommodation, based on the package you selected, is some of the best you can find in Cabarete.

For more info goto :


Posted: Mon Sep 30, 2002 1:21 pm
by Guest
Eric can you post your E-Mail, We are a little group of fanatics that would like to come to Cabarete this winter and organize a work shop with you.
You have a great board building site,

I tried the email on your site, but got it returned.


Posted: Mon Sep 30, 2002 8:15 pm
by EH Kiteboards

Posted: Wed Oct 02, 2002 9:38 am
by Guest
Eric, why are you giving all the board building secrets away?
Is your site not enough?


Posted: Wed Oct 09, 2002 2:11 am
by EH Kiteboards
Because, it's fun to have poeple sending you an e-mail thanking you for the info. It realy makes my day.