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Lowest temp limit for kitesurf ?

forum for kitesurfers

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Postby capedolphins » Mon Sep 30, 2002 6:56 pm

I would not mind cold weather.

I kitesurfed at the Persian Gulf where the air temperature was around 50 Deg C on the beach. Shallow water was around 30 Deg C.

Water was also very salty.

Thought I'd just throw that one into the pot.

Stay kiting till it won't stay up no more.

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Postby murdoc » Mon Sep 30, 2002 7:28 pm

cheap cold weather tips for you guys!

1. vaseline (fat) will seal your skin and make
it more resistant for cold weather.

2. stop practissing that 720 superman -
stop dropping into the water too much.

3. a cheap rainjacket and cheap rainpants may
look funny, but they'll keep the wind away
from your wetsuit, minimizing the

4. if you got a good semidry suit, you can
bring hot water (some guys use tea) and
fill it into the neck of the suit when
wearing it right before you go into the


Postby Guest » Mon Sep 30, 2002 7:45 pm

Whats up with you ya southern jessies. Up North (Uk) we kite in our y fronts all year round and dont even experience the dreaded diasperance of the nether regions. Seriously though, we kite up here as long as the air temp is above 5 and its not raining / snowing. I live in Cumbria where its generally cold any way so kinda used to it. I can highly reccomend a pair of neil pryde palmless mits. They keep the fingers warm and dont give forearm cramp. Buy bigger than you would feel comfortable with in the shop as you swell up when cold! Also reccomend a vest / hood 2mm neoprene combo. Saprtan do one and as long as you wear a helmet you dont look such a dork. Finally, the dreaded baggy pants combined with a spray top (canoeing or racing dinghy type) do a great job of stopping wind chill. Good luck this winter, ill be the one in the sea front pub huddled against the fire!!! Only jokin!

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Postby RocketRonnieRadox » Tue Oct 01, 2002 8:48 am

hey annon, y fronts ? have you seen my post on kitepants then ?

thanks for all the replies, some have been more enlightening than others, I will be giving it a go but as said before, if its more of a pain han a pleasure, i'll be at that pub fire.either that or going to the red sea.

take care all ye who wander on water. and thanks. not all my posts contain y fronts.


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