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Posted: Mon Dec 24, 2001 12:31 pm
so far we've mainly been teaching people here on holiday, but now we have people coming here without gear who know how to kitesurf. What is a reasonable rate to rent gear for: 1/2 day, full day, week?
Anyone know?
Thanks much.

Posted: Mon Dec 24, 2001 12:48 pm
by Toby
I have no idea, what you can charge.
But make sure that the people renting stuff have a good insurance!
That's why you can't rent in Germany, because everyone is afraid of 1. the material, which can be destroyed easily and 2. what happens if something happens and someone gets hurt?
But you will find a way. Maybe ask an insurance company. I would think it similar like you rent a jet ski.
Let me know if you have a solution or what you will do.
You should calculate the rental prices so you won't make any loss, if something happens after a while of use. How many times can a LE take before being destroyed.
And don't forget, if people come to Antigua and want to kite, they'll pay every price.


Posted: Wed Dec 26, 2001 11:40 am
by rYaN
I know what you are going through,I am teaching people how want to learn in ireland .The problem is that kites really cant take alot of wear can they .lets Face it needs to come a long way before i5t can come main stream.
Then you look at prices are you going to get rich doing this ?
But why should we just keep this great sport avablie for people lesser off.
But rememder to have safe fun with calculated
Risks only.