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Posted: Fri Oct 04, 2002 5:08 am
by eppo
Okay enough is enough, when are flysurfer going to release the Pyscho into Australia - the seasons is well under way and you are already losing valuable sales as kiters stock up their kites for the season. Please I need a light wind kite up here in Karratha and I need it fast 0 don't wait until December half the season is GONE! Oh yeh two questions:

1. How does the stability compare to Warriors I fly??

2. With the lack of Pulley on the chicken loop side what is the bar pressure like? One of the great things about the warrior is teh ability to comfortably go toeside (which I do - lot pf waves this side of the coast). Is the bar pressure the same as the four line inflatable or the arc? (I own these as well - not even close to the warrior except for vertical lift maybe).

Appreciate this info and some kites over here - Ian Young is your beta flyer isn't he down is scarborough - give the man a bloody kite!!!!

Seeya on me knew PYSCHO - yeh!