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Posted: Sat Oct 05, 2002 11:22 pm
by Guest
My weight is 86 kg, I am an intermediate kite-surfer and I would like to buy this kite. I want to use this kite for light winds - 8 knots. Do you think it is a good idea? Any way, is it a good kite, how is your experience?
Thanks for any tips and recommendations.


Posted: Sat Oct 05, 2002 11:29 pm
by Guest
no get a s-arc 1510 or a new g-arc
an f-arc 1600 is not a really light wind kite, it's a hangtime kite for heavy guys in moderate winds

Posted: Sun Oct 06, 2002 3:22 am
by Guest
I agree with the last post. A F-1600 just starts to get going with the lightest of riders at 8 knots.


Posted: Sun Oct 06, 2002 3:27 am
by DrLightWind
How about the F-Arc 1200 I just ordered?
My weigt is 60 kg. What is the minimum wind I will be able to plain with a floaty directional?
Also what is the optimal length of depower strap and chicken loop is required to ride comfortable in all conditions?

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Posted: Sun Oct 06, 2002 4:25 am
by chicagokitesurfer
For the ARC, its best to setup your lines so you can depower the kite sufficiently, power the kite up, stall it, and fly it backwards.

Check the ARC areas:


Posted: Sun Oct 06, 2002 11:54 am
by F12-Flyer
I'm 68 kilos and have an f12 and would say around 13-14 knots would be about as low as it will go with a big directional. I ride a 135 ply and fine 15 will just get me going and feel really good at around 24. Although Ive only been out a few times I know I can get better bottom end and top end.

The trick is dive the kite hard and go with it downwind a bit to build up some speed then just edge upwind and the kite should generate enough apparent wind to keep you going.

But whos cares about just going I want to fly baby YEEEE HHHHAAAAA

Give it ago in 20 knots and see how you go. :smile:


Posted: Sun Oct 06, 2002 2:40 pm
by chicagokitesurfer
Hey Rod,

I'm 85kgs and I get going fine in 14-15kts on the F14 with my Jarvis 157. But I gotta work it a bit more, I'm sure. The nice thing about the F is that even though you work it, it still loves going upwind!