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air blast flying lines?

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Postby jed » Mon Oct 07, 2002 10:34 pm

Hey Guyz,
Just bought a 2002 airblast 8.4 today, an' lookin for some help; the flying lines are as usual except one of the larks heads on each line has a knot in it, whats that all about?? and does it matter which end the knot goes???
also if i dump the bridle will the powerlock (power / de power holding system) system still work or not?

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Postby Toby » Mon Oct 07, 2002 10:44 pm

if you dump the bridle your depower will still work.

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Postby RickI » Tue Oct 08, 2002 1:54 am

Hello Jed,

It comes down to personal choice but out of four AirBlasts the only kite that I have left the bridle on is the 16.4 m. They even cause problems sometimes in the lighter winds that I take that one out in. I think the majority of AB 8.4 m owners have taken the bridle off.

On the trailing edge pigtails, you use those for power adjustment for varied wind conditions. If you are at the low end of the wind range for the kite, use the knot closest to the kite. If you are at the high end of the wind range use the last knot out. If you are in middle range winds...etc.

The powerlock system may or may not work anyway. None of mine have worked all that well. You can modify them by bolting through the velcro straps or trying to use hose clamps to secure it in place. If you have the latest version it may indeed stay put, maybe. I ended up adding fixed harness lines to my Wipika bars about 6 months ago. I find the fixed line improves the flying characteristics aside from making the powerlock less critical.

Rick Iossi

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Postby Guest » Tue Oct 08, 2002 3:17 am

I once got an airush lineset with knots like you describe. I think they are supposed to be an easy way to attach line extensions?

The knot also made it easier to untie the larkshead knot. I put the knots at the kite end.

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Postby Xboy » Tue Oct 08, 2002 10:28 am

Hi Jed

I have a new AB 11.8 and my lines came with the same knot in the Larks Head. And to be honest I duno why they done this. I was think maybe it was put there to add abit more grip to what ever end you tie the Larks head too (Bar, Kite pull point)I have mine conected to my Pull points of my Kite and its seems to be holding..

RICKI have you noticed these knot on the larks head of the flying lines ???

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