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Edu-Mc Ate me about foils

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Postby naufragado » Tue Oct 08, 2002 4:21 am

OK, I just don't drop my kite enough any more to justify pumping up the main bladder on my 16M LEI. Besides, I usually wash up on shore before I get it relaunched anyway.

So, I want to try a foil, but have never even seen one up close. Can anyone tell me the differences between a BladeII, a Psycho, and a G-Arc. Which one would be best based on these preferences in this order:

1. Kite responsiveness
2. Hangtime
3. Light control feel
4. Resistance to luffing

Also, which sizes would produce the same power as a 16M high AR LEI (X2/Supertype) in comparable wind ranges? I know there are a lot of foil flyers on this sight so please help me with your own advice or tell me about another websight that has this type of information.

Thanx a bunch...

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Postby Andres_Santacruz » Tue Oct 08, 2002 5:09 am

For starters,
Eliminate the blade 9 from the list unless you don't want to spend much money on the kite. From what I have read heard the blade 9 is not as fast or responsive or as good on a bar as other larger foils, it is not as stable either, and also the fact that if it falls in the drink, you're gonna swim. Besides, 9 meters is not that big anymore, i forgot, no depower on the blade either. I have a flysurfer warrior 9.3 and I really like it, I need about 12 knots on a loose AX 160 to start having fun (jumping, rolls, upwind in waves), i weigh 85 kilos. According to flysurfer the warrior is equivalent in power to a mastair one size smaller. I have taken my warrior up to 27 knots on a small board, and I was still in control, although screaming upwind in full depower! My kite would be equivalent to a 7 meter mastair which is no longer in production. The psychos are said to have almost as much power as the mastairs, which would place them higher in power than the warriors. So, I am guessing that the 12.5 psycho would be more powerful than the 16 meter tube kite you mentioned, and would have a much higher top end than the 16 m tube kite. Flysurfer says the new psycho has a 1:4 depower ratio, double any tube kite available. Imagine the possibilites. I can relaunch my warrior very quickly with no hassle, the safety sytem works fine. This has been improved on the psychos. My warrior is truely unluffable(unless the wind drops to 0 or changes direction all of a sudden), it always gently recovers when the lines go slack. The psycho is said to have this stability and improved it as well. The hangtime on the psycho is enormous, every review i have read states this, the lift is very powerful even in lighter conditions. I will recieve a few psychos in few weeks and will post the results and pictures to you guys, we will also have a kitesurf competition in acapulco, so i will be able to compare it directly to other modern inflatos. Anyway, highly reccommended.
THe G-arc, I saw the late protos in action this summer, and they were really amazing, very powerful, very quick to turn, great stability, lift, upwind and construction. My friend traig trumbo LOVES the things, and says it's the best kite made yet. you can see a short clip i took of him in action riding a wave in Malibu, here is the link: ... c-ride.avi
also, try a search in the archives of this e-group:
You may think i am biased, i am the flysurfer dealer for mexico, but these are all direct facts from the flysurfer staff, and from a team rider.
Good luck with whatever you buy and let us know how it works out.

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Mr Jo Macdonald
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Postby Mr Jo Macdonald » Tue Oct 08, 2002 6:25 am

Hi naufragado,
I'm not a Flysurfer dealer and love my fuels but I have to agree with Andreas, the MA rules in lightwind.
I used to try cruising with my 16m fuel on a big directional but like many say it's underpowered and gets boring.
A 12m MA and 40m lines will have you fully powered from about 8-10 knots if you keep it moving.
With a 12 or 16m MA you will be way more powered up than with a 16m high Ar lei.
Only prob is they ain't makin them anymore, so you'll ahve to find one second hand. Like Andreas said the psycho should be good, better in stronger wind though, which might be what you're looking for, suposed to give increadible lift in overpowered conditions with the 4:1 depower btu I think it's really too early to say before people have tried em more, the warrior is ok with longer lines or stonger wind too I think.
It'll take you a while to get used to flying it, the briddle can go spaghetti and foils do wierd things like tip folding, foldups, reversing, etc which you won't be used to on leis, and the kite has to be trimmed perfect to fly right.
Once you get the hang of it though you're right though, foils are fun.

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Postby BigSmelly » Tue Oct 08, 2002 9:28 am

Watch this forum for more info in the coming days.

Today I recieved a Psycho 12.5, :grin: and will begin some serious testing on it. I have 1 year experience on Airblasts (8.4 and 11.8 ) - the 12.5 Psycho should substitue for both these kites, considering the wind range that it is supposedly good for.

Check out for good info on foils and (there is an English section) for more on Flysurfer, or
For those who can read German, there is good info on the German forum

Good luck, and have fun... :wink:

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