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Lightwind Jumpin: How low can you go?

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Postby BLOWN AWAY » Wed Oct 09, 2002 8:02 pm

Any jumping with a board that size involves leaving it behind.......

BLOWN AWAY :evil: :evil: :evil:

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Mr Jo Macdonald
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Postby Mr Jo Macdonald » Wed Oct 23, 2002 3:29 pm

V going low with an ARC 1510 and Slingshot LFT in 8-11kts and not a whitecap in sight

Image ... %20low.jpg

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Postby chicagokitesurfer » Wed Oct 23, 2002 4:02 pm

Hey marley, I'm sure the 60m lines weren't too far off. Here's my new "lines rule":

If its less than 12kts, go with 40m lines
If its more than 12kts, stick with 30m lines (or less)

Basically, I'm setting up two sets of 10m leaders (will do more testing with 50m lines in the summer months). Also going to test 16 and 20m bridled foils from next year for the light wind option. Will post details in the spring.



Postby Guest » Wed Oct 23, 2002 4:08 pm

I've tried 50 meter lines with an 1120 ARC in 9-11 knots and a 186 olry. stayed upwind but barely. 190 lbs. worked well but ALOT of lines to deal with and a huge range of terror.


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Postby kpipis » Wed Oct 23, 2002 8:45 pm

i was onland messuring(land miles/hr) the wind speed while my mate was with a 9.5 psycho on a 138 loose!he is 65kgr and with 26m original line setting.
wind 12-18mls, 80% of the jumps around 15mls about 2m high.on 12mls when playing the kite he cauched himself overpowered!(during the pass from 90 to 10 degrees)
he was able to go upwind till 9mls when the kite fall and coulnt fly any more...


Postby Guest » Wed Oct 23, 2002 10:07 pm


the wac system was not designed for any kite other than the psycho and 16 warrior. with a bit of tweeking it is possible to do it on the warior, though i'd take a good hard look at the psycho set up first.

i'd suspect that most people aren't getting the best out of there warriors, try upgrading the depower strap to the one from the next size up. you can get about another 3 inches + and - depower out of each kite. though you need to set this up right. with extended power up, you can set the trimming to brake the kite down, in an arc style. the physios do this too as standard.

but watch out for overpowering coming down off landings.

best of luck guys.

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