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correct logic??

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Postby Guest » Wed Oct 09, 2002 1:59 pm

Interesting post came my way on a email list.

Someone was querying the legitimacy of a certification (as a requirement for 3rd party liability similar to scuba diving)

One persons response to it was the following

A) He would rather pay his 20 cents/pence per month to the family than worry about it (when questioned about the resulting lawsuits from an incident, which could bankrupt him and result in future pay going to the family of the victim)

B) His answer to a question regarding a child losing a foot was to ask what the point of reducing incidents if they could still happen. Why would only 1 incident be better than 10? Why is 10 the special number.? The child could be run over by a truck when he/she should be in the ambulance (stupid and cold hearted comment). Basically, saying, if the result is incidents reduced from 10 to 1, there would be no point as there would still be some lawsuits and he doesn't care anyway, as its infringing on his personal right to kiting freedom.

Basically, he was more concerned with losing his freedom than saving lives or avoiding potential incidents, and proceded to complain about guys wanting to put up a sign at the beach to give basic guidelines to kitesurfers and warn potential bystanders.

The logic rather scares me and hopefully there are not many more like this out there. I won't mention country of origin as this may be an unfair reflection on all the kiters from there. I understand there are many people who are anti these kind of ideas, but this is not the way to approach it, or argue it for that matter.

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Postby murdoc » Wed Oct 09, 2002 2:12 pm

dumb sheep. . .

here in germany, i'd apreciate something like that.
it has to involve a lot of bureaucracy, so all the other lobby's will be pleased :wink:

the only thing is that kitesurfers who already can kitesurf mustn't have a problem to get such a licence.
something like:
an instructor (or person able to hand out a licence) comes to the spot and watches the guys kiting and after the session, everyone can get such a licence for about 10 bucks ...

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