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Postby Peter_Frank » Fri Nov 29, 2002 1:54 pm

On 2002-11-29 08:20, norts_grom wrote:
firstly your comparing a 2001 kite with a 2002 kite.......i have tried the amp, and i own 3 2003 black tips and they both perform well, the amp pulls hard and had low end but isnet very stable, the black tip hasnt got much low end power but it is soooo stable and turns just right, i hate people dissing brands because of 3 year old kites, try the new will be impressed
What size AMP were you flying ?
We are using the AMP14m2 (10.3) now, and it is extremely stable - cannot stall at all, will almost not tuck.
And jellyfishing is a thing of the past.
So this kite could also be used of less experienced riders, without problems (the Airblast is a big handful for those).
Our very first comment, when flying: It is impressively stable !

And the AMP still turns faster than the Airblasts, in sizes over 12m2.

We've got 2 sizes of 2003 Hydro+ here, lower AR than the 2002, and they fly very different too.

The 2003 Airblasts should be just like the 2002's - except for the graphics.

Why change a thing that works well ? (much better depower than the AMP)

I assume that most 2003 brands will have some of these improved effects, like turning especially.

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