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Flexifoil Storm 16m review.

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Postby Guest » Fri Oct 11, 2002 5:59 am

Hi Guys! (sorry this got long...)

I'm writting this review becuase there really arn't many around on the web of these kites.
I'm reviewing the 16m kite, I also have a 12m and an 8m but I havn't had the conditions to use these yet.

Now, firstly let me say I have been fortunate enough to gain sponsorship from Flexifoil. Some people here will see that as being enough reason for not reading this review. But I havn't been asked to post this by anyone, and if I didn't like the kite I would just keep my mouth shut (or my fingures off the keyboard as the case maybe). So please do read on and query any points if I make if you like.

Ok, on with the review.
Comparable kites in size that I have also owned, Airblast 11.8 and Airush Lift 12.2.
I ride a 147 wavetray and I weigh ~100kg.

The Storm is quite a bit lower aspect than my previous kite - the Lift, it is very noticibly lower when the 2 kites are flying side by side. The Storm produces alot more power at lower speed than the Lift, I can't emphasise this enough they really arn't comparable in this respect. I would say the Storm is "parkable" at least 3 knots earlier than the Lift was. I had great trouble trying to get constant power out of the lift, as many are now finding with their X2's, Constant power is what the Storm is all about I have to make a concerted effort to get it to the edge of the window and depower when I want it to, it's not hard to do but it is something I have to consiously do, With the lift I couldn't keep it away from the edge of the window.

Turning, the Storm is a little heavier than the lift - which is very light. In lighter wind you need to be agressive with the bar movement but it turns very well, I have been flying it off the shorter bar - 60cm. The 16's are supplied with a 70cm bar but I don't feel the need for it at present.

The lifting potential of the Storm I found to be impressive too, in the session I had when I was really powered It seamed to lift as well as the Lift in the same conditions, One thing I did notice though, the lift seamed to give more boost when underpowered, I could be working the lift to stay upwind and still get decent sort of jumping, if the flexifoil is just parkable it doesn't like jumping so much - this maybe a timing thing and getting used to a new kite though.

Where this kite excels is in no whip moves - moves where you don't send the kite back and raw low end grunt. My lift used to drop me hard from these moves, I think because it would surge to the edge as soon as I started to decend - giving it now power to float me out of the jump.

All in all I have much more fun on this kite compared to my Lift. because of the grunt and early parkability, while I don't think I loose a lot, if any at all on lift for jumps or any other aspect of performance.

For me the storm produces much more constant power in our often gusty conditions! if the kite your flying feels like it is on and off in terms of power, fly a storm you won't be disapointed.

Much of what I have said above is basically the difference between a high aspect kite (the lift) and a low aspect kite (the storm).

The lift is a great kite in it's own right, don't get me wrong. I just have much more fun on the storm!



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