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Postby kieran » Sun Oct 13, 2002 10:57 pm

yo anon, just tried out your game - i like it. it's just a shame i can never pay the shark back.


Postby Guest » Mon Oct 14, 2002 2:27 pm

paying the shark back is the easiest thing in the world and a must if you ever plan to score high and make it to the end of the game. Pay the shark back on day 2 or 3 of the game. Here's some advice and tips for you on selling drugs there. Follow this advice and go try again and I bet you finish your drug selling career a millionaire or better. Unless you end up shot to death by the stinking police.

If you notice, the very first day of your game, I usually have Cocaine prices set low. Way low. Sometimes you will see it for as low as 6g's and sometimes up to 9 g's on the first day, but if you notice from playing alot, cocaines average selling price is 11,000 to 16,000 per kilo or per unit. Well, at first glance, this looks like it does you no good because you only have 2g's to start out with, but you have 2 option you aren't thinking about as well. For starter, can goto loan shark and borrow up to 5000. if you do this, you now owe him 10,000 but this will be ok. Start the game and look at Cocaine prices. If they are above 7000.00 on the first day, then even with the maximum loan(5000) plus your 2g you already have you wont be able to buy any coke. So if on day one coke is over 7g's, just end game and start again. DO that til you see it for less than 7, then get loan from shark, but one kilo, drive to Coney Island or Manhattan or someplace and sell your kilo of Coke for 11,000-16,000, (if after your first move coke prices only hit 11,000, try moving again(I like to get at least 12g per kilo). then, sell your coke (usually day 2 or 3)you will 13,000-16,000 in your pocket. Pay loan shark back in full(nice having that monkey off of your back with his outrageous interest rates that are compounded daily) and you still have anywhere from a couple of grand to several thousand left to reinvest in drugs.

Second method to come out WAY WAY ahead on day 2!
On day one, regardless of how high Coke prices may be on day one, they will always be under 9g and we know average price is way more than that so with this method, you need not restart if coke is over 7g on day one, but this method does require usually a few restarts, up to 6 or so. What you do is start the game, then on day one make your first move into the bank. Goto bank and choose to ROB THE JOINT. You will be warned against it. Choose again to rob it. Chances are you will get shot to death. If this happens, click PLAY AGAIN button and try again. Do this until you have a successful robbery. once successful, you will get 10,000 up to 20,000 from the bank job. take that money and since robbing the bank doesnt take a day, you will still see coke for cheap cause its still day one and invest the money in coke. important: if coke is real cheap, like below 8g's and you buy all you can and see that if you borrow another 5g from loan shark that you will afford another kilo, then get loan and get kilo. You will flip more profit from it in one day than the shark will charge interest, just MUST pay back in day 2 or 3. If not, dont get loan. Then on day 2, sell your coke and pay back loan shark. This method will leave you with alot more cash to buy drugs with than the first I describe.

Another very critical factor for you to become a really successful drug dealer is to get a car with a bigger trunk space. My game starts you with a trunk space of 50, and randomly offers you cars for sale with more trunk space sometimes when you move from city to city. The prices of the new cars vary from 3000 up to 18000, depending on trunk space, and trunk space can be found as high as 400 units! Only problem is that if you dont have the money in you pocket to afford the car when the car is offered to you, you cant buy it, regardless of how much you have in the bank. But, when you carry cash in your pocket, you risk being robbed and losing all of what's in your pocket. What to do? Always keep all of your money either invested in drugs(they dont take your drugs when you get robbed) or put it in the bank before changing towns(it takes 10 bucks to change towns so keep some pocket change). As soon as you have flipped enough deals that you can stand to have 10 or 20 thousand ripped off from you and it not ruin your game, start making sure you have 10-19000 in your pocket when you move towns so that when a car is offered you will afford it. It makes a huge difference if your trunk is 250 instead of 50. If you buy 50 kilos of coke for 10g's and sell for 15g's, you make 250,000 profit, but if that trunk held 250 and was full of cocaine you bought for 10g and sell for 15, you will make a 1,250,000 profit on the coke deal. Also, a large trunk makes it possible to carry and deal several different kinds of drugs which is cool to have a drug when it gets busted and prices sky rocket. Also if you have large trunk like 150 or more and you buy 50 or 60 untis of something and prices dont go up to sell it on next day, you still have trunk space to be able to buy more drugs that are offered on good deal whil you keep setting on the coke or whatever until prices are high enough to sell it. It's kinda like stock market except with drugs. You can also start trying to carry money for a car as soon as you can afford to lose 4000. If you carry 4000 and MAY be offered a car with more space than you have but not alot, like 89 or 100 untis and you will be able to afford it, but carry more if you can cause it sucks to be offered a car with 200+ trunk space for 16000 and you only have 8000 or even 15000 on you.

Another tip is to try to deal with the more expensive drugs when you have enough money to do so rather than the cheap stuff like Acid, Speed, Exstacy and weed. If you have 50 pounds of week you buy for 400.00 and you flip it for 600.00, sure you make 200 profit per unit, but had that been cocaine or mescaline or heroine or something more expensive, you would be profiting thousands per unit instead of hundreds.

Here is a list you can use to refer to when you are buying drugs. Try to make it a practice to buy drugs when you see them listed at or near these prices cause these are the low end average prices for the drugs and you can usually bank on them going up in price. Again, try to have cash on hand to buy a car when offered so you can make huge deals when you see a market really low and also so you can diversify on what you are selling and have several things to deal with at one time as prices go up and down.
I'm going to list the low end to buy and the cheapest that is ideal to sell it.

Acid: 20: 30+:
Exstacy: 90: 115+:
Speed: 120: 150+:
Weed: 200: 375+:
Shrooms: 400: 575+:
Hash: 500: 700+:
Opium: 650-700: 900+:
Heroin: 800: 1000+:
Mescaline: 2000: 2400+:
Cocaine: 9-10500: 12500+:

Obviously you will sometimes see drugs for less than the average lows I have listed. These are always a good investment. It is also ok to buy the drug for a little more than I have the lowest prices listed as long as you have the money and trunk space to set on the dope for a few days if you have to to wait for the market to ripen for selling.

If the cops do a raid and send prices of a certain drug though the roof, sell ALL of it you happen to have if you have any of it cause prices return to normal the next day. Also, if there is a market flood of a drug and the prices go way down, try to sell anything you have in your trunk at that point that you can make profit on and buy all you can hold or afford of the drug that has the flooded market. Important to do this the same day of the notice that the market is flooded cause prices return to normal very nexy day as well making it so easy to flip a gret deal on them.

Always remember to visit the bank before you change towns, especially as the game goes on and you are making bigger deals with bigger profit margins. Deposit all of your cash before every move except upto 19,000 to buy your car with. It sucks to flip a big coke deal and have 300,000.00 in your pocket and forget to goto bank and get robbed for all of it on move to next town. Once you have a car you are happy with (for me thats 350 or more trunk space) it is ok to stop carrying the money in your pocket for a car and just leave it in the bank or tied up in drugs so the theives can't get it.

I can't offer much advice on how to deal with the cops when they are on your tail. Sometimes choosing to run will get you away from them in one try, somtimes not. Sometimes shooting them is your best option, sometimes not. It's set to be totally random when they try to bust you and totally random on what it takes to get away. If they shoot you up pretty bad and you come out of it alive but with really low health, your health will go back up a couple of points with each passing day, so your game isn't over yet.

I'm happy to see that someone here tried and liked my game. Go try it again now with my game playing tips and you will have a better game and a better time at it. Also, if your score is high enough, your name that you chose to play by will get listed on the leader board of the top 10 Dope dealers(you can view this board before you start your game. theirs a button for it below where you enter your name).

Have fun, play all you want, looking forward to seeing you listed on the leader board(which is reset ecery so often too btw) and most of all, HAVE FUN! Feel free to share the game with friends and link to it as you like.


Postby Guest » Mon Oct 14, 2002 2:44 pm

oh and for the record, i wasn't saying these forums suck toby. You know you run the best forum on the internet hands down. i was just saying that i have been having some connection problems with it a bit lately while the rst of the www works fine. we love the place though and we appreciate them greatly. (in reality, the forums run fine all the time, i was just taking advantage if the moment to promote my dope dealing game. JUST KIDDING)

i've gotten that spam error myself. i think or thought that I got it though because i typed my pw in wrong. when I went back and re-pasted the message and re-enetered my pw, the message went through. that mayhave been the case for the above user as well.

so thanks again for the forums and enyone who decides to play my game, have fun with it.


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Postby Toby » Mon Oct 14, 2002 4:02 pm

Hi KoC,

I didn't feel angry, because if you wouldn't like it, there is nothing I can do about it.
And if you would habe thought to tell everyone else, well, free minds are always welcome here!

So, I'm glad that you still like it a lot and wishing you lots of fun and infos to enjoy riding even more.


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Postby kieran » Mon Oct 14, 2002 10:48 pm

anon, thanks for the tips. makes playing the game a lot more fun. i actually managed to back pay the shark for the first time. look out pablo, here i come !


Postby Guest » Tue Oct 15, 2002 6:06 am

On 2002-10-14 23:48, kieran wrote:
anon, thanks for the tips. makes playing the game a lot more fun. i actually managed to back pay the shark for the first time. look out pablo, here i come !
hey kieran,
glad you are enjoying the game. i hope it isn't being a bad influence on anyone. i'm surprised you are the only one to comment on it. must be the only one who has tried it. it's all in good fun. you can call me k.o.c. by the way or you can keep calling me anon if you like too. i haven't even made it onto the leaderboards myself today. my name is Jolly BeanZ when it is up there by the way. just so you know. some days i just cant seem to score any good deals, other days it's like the cops have it in for me. the worst games are when i just never seem to be offered a car. a bigger car is the key! i sometimes consider redoing it to offer more cars, but i'm lazy. let's go deal some drugs!


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Postby BLOWN AWAY » Wed Oct 23, 2002 12:02 pm

Toby the forum kicks ass...

Never had any problems with it......

never too slow......

BLOWN AWAY :smile:

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