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Rhino II 10

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Postby Dwight » Sun Oct 27, 2002 1:48 am

I've got news from Ken Winner. Here is what he told me about the Rhino2 10m and the other small Rhino2 sizes.
"As for turning speed, it's quick, but we all use 16" to 18" bars now, which
makes a big difference. I use an 18" bar on the 20. The new North bar has
two lengths, narrow and wide, with the narrow being about 18" and the long
being about 21".

One more thing: I'm not sure how to get this concept out to users (and
haven't so far), but I see the smaller Rhinos not as high-wind kites but as
moderate-wind kites for lightweights. For example, a good 100-pound rider
doesn't want to use a Toro 10 in 15 knots of wind, because the Toro isn't
quick and lifty enough. She (Jacky) wants to use a Rhino2 10. The Toros are
supposed to be the easy-riding kite for when the conditions are challenging."

Back to my thoughts,

When I rode the 10, the first thing I noticed were the soft floaty landings I got, even when jumping in a wind lull. With the old 9.3 Rhino, jumping underpowered could get you a quick up and down jump. The Rhino2 floats down every time.

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Postby Julio » Sun Oct 27, 2002 11:27 am

thanks for all your comments.

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