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another spinning bar solution

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Postby Guest » Mon Oct 21, 2002 3:00 pm

I’ve become obsessed with finding the perfect bar solution that is safe and allows for free spinning under load yet is not cumbersome. The pictures on my homepage show a current solution to a work in progress.

It is based on the great concept of the kiteproshop bar but has a better spinning system and can be retrofit to any bar. The down side is its expensive to set up and ends up costing almost the same as you’d pay for the entire bar. In any case IM000052.jpg and IM000054.jpg show an overview of the current setup. The key difference is that I put a Harken swivel (H164) between the harness and lines. This thing is amazing and it spins completely freely even with huge loads (950lbs). It’s pricey though at $78 from APS ( Also there are two shackles mounted on a bolt at the end of the swivel. One reason other setups don’t spin is that there is no leverage if you attach everything in a straight line. The separation of the two shackles creates a moment arm and ensures the spinning occurs at the swivel. I also like having the option of being able to release from either side but I’m sure someone can come up with a cheaper single shackle design. I tried triggers on the shackles as well but sometimes the trigger would get hit on particularly bad falls and release one line. So I went back to the standard string release mechanism with a small ball on the end.
Another issue that concerns people is being shackled in while launching. IM000053.jpg shows a cheap modification that I use if its really gusty to eliminate lofting nightmares. Basically it’s an elastisized rope with a plastic clip that goes around my wrist and clips into the release string from one of the snap shackles. If I let go of the bar and pull my arm towards me, the shackle opens and the kite comes down. After I get into the water I just unclip from the shackle release string and leave the rope plus clip around my wrist.
The pictures also show a fixed harness line. Of course none of this will work if I’m in the fixed harness line. I have that there only if I’m cruising or when I’m being dragged trying to retrieve my board.
As a different option, IM000055.jpg is a completely different setup that I tried once with a sheet cleat. It essentially allowed me to use a sheet cleat plus a second line (that goes through a Holt fairlead on the bar) based again on the kiteproshop bar idea. The little black eyelit travels up the second line when you release a snap shackle near the harness. I didn’t like the sheet cleat though because I found I needed instantaneous sheeting ability and by the time I uncleated the gust or whatever had passed.


Postby Guest » Mon Oct 21, 2002 4:44 pm

I can see the advantages and it looks like the spinning would work great but do you have any adjustment strap or are you stuck flying the kite at full power?

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Postby Backloop » Mon Oct 21, 2002 4:51 pm


Great setup! but how you depower the kite? is like the KPS system? In the photos don't seem to have the same system.


Postby Guest » Mon Oct 21, 2002 5:04 pm

Yes, good point but I have no such depower system. Honestly I never used the depower system even when I had it. I've flown a 9.4 blacktip with this setup in up to 25kts without a problem because the dynamic depower range is so large. Although if I really need static depower I just put different knots in my leader lines. If that is an issue a sweet setup would be the kiteproshop bar plus my swivel system.

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Postby murdoc » Mon Oct 21, 2002 11:44 pm

what i don't get:

u used aditional hardware for about € 170 ?
just to get a safety system similar to the kps, only bigger and better turning?




Postby fokiten » Tue Oct 22, 2002 12:01 am

I don't get any of it, I see the comments so sombody gets it,I think it is very sparkley and tidy, certainly has occuppied your time and that has kept you safe, I feel i should say thank you, so, thanks???????????????????????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????


Postby Guest » Tue Oct 22, 2002 12:02 am

There is not an adequate system that spins under load that is presently available. This spins completely freely in either direction forever. The added cost of course is the two snap shackles, which you may not need.


Postby Guest » Tue Oct 22, 2002 12:05 am

fokiten its really not that complicated. The real difference is the Harken swivel which allows free rotation under load. How hard is that to understand? Also I kind of like the easy solution for lofting problems.

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Postby Toby » Tue Oct 22, 2002 11:09 am

On 2002-10-22 01:02, Anonymous wrote:
There is not an adequate system that spins under load that is presently available.

sure? mine does...

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Postby radman » Tue Oct 22, 2002 1:44 pm

As is suggested at the start of this thread - YOU ARE OBSESSED!
This solotion is way over the top both on price & hardware.
My bar spins perfectly after rotations at a quarter the price & weight.
Still, keep up the development as you will always improve.

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