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Danish kitesurfer visiting Florida... Where to go?

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Postby Quicksilver » Tue Oct 22, 2002 8:26 pm

Hi there, American allies... :smile:

Well, the danish winter is just crap and therefore I got myself a flight ticket to Miami in the middle of november and 5 weeks on...

Anyway... I started kitesurfing this year and I am NOT a dangerous newbie without respect for the sport. The next task that I am facing is learning to kite upwind... Looking forward to that, of course... So which part of South Florida do you people expect to be good for a guy like me? I mean, I prefer the area of Miami but it's suppose to be really crowded... How about Naples? How's that like? Any ideas...? I have places to stay in Miami and Naples!!! I'd love to join some crew there and kitesurf all day - help me out, please??? I'd return the favour of course if you wanna come to Europe... :smile:

Regarding boards... Is it possible to rent a board in Miami and how much is it for a month?

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Postby RickI » Tue Oct 22, 2002 8:40 pm

Hello Quicksilver,

A lot of information about Miami riding and Florida weather appears in:


The Florida Keys to the south of Miami and areas north of West Palm Beach have a lot fewer people, kiteboarders and issues on the whole for the east coast.

On the west coast, Tampa is north of Naples but you could learn a lot about riding in the Tampa Bay area by checking out

For conditions and launches in the Naples area you could contact the FKA area coordinator for local tips. His information and that of all the other ACs appear at:

I am not aware of any outfit in Florida that formally rents kiteboards but I would think if you checked with several of the shops you might be able to work something out. The rental for a month might exceed the cost of flying one of your own boards into Florida however.

Have a great trip!

Rick Iossi

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Postby Quicksilver » Tue Oct 22, 2002 11:00 pm

Hey Rick!

thanks for a quick and thorough answer... After having read your posting I am getting even more excited about my trip til FL. Who knows, I might just decide to make it my home after a while :smile:

Thanks again and hope to meet you when November comes if the opportunity comes up...

If anybody else have something to say on the topic I am all ears... But then again, I not that tall :smile: Ahh, that wasn't funny. My bad!

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