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Posted: Wed Oct 23, 2002 11:37 am
by Toby
It's called "Frenzy"

The Frenzy is the first universal kite, from newcomer to expert, no matter what your preference whether it be snow, sand or water the Frenzy delivers the grunt and speed you need. Offering either 2 or 4 line flying, allowing total versatility in all conditions, on all surfaces. If hang time is your thing , then get ready >> you gonna be flying!

Designed with a total kill safety system, super smooth de-power, outstanding stability and the most refined handling available.

The Frenzy comes complete with a bar in 4 sizes: 5m, 7.3m, 9.5m, 12m and will be released this month ready for the coming snow-kite season.

Frenzy Features

Auto Stable Profile.
Full de-power system like a 4 line inflatable system.
Full safety system for de-powering the kite when needed.
Bar with safety quick release systems for the chicken loop.
4 x 25m Ozone 'Pro Kite' lines 360 kg breaking strain - coloured red for easy identification on snow.
A new technical mountain backpack that can hold an ice axe, snowboard or skis and still room for your other gear or food for a mental days snow kiting!


more infos:

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