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airblast 01 or 02?

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Postby Guest » Tue Oct 22, 2002 9:01 pm

Please could anybody tell me the if there is a difference in performance.Obviously the newer 02 is better built, but does it have the same windrange? Thanks in advance.


Postby Guest » Tue Oct 22, 2002 9:02 pm

Sorry , thats the 11.8m model im speaking about.

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Postby Sake » Tue Oct 22, 2002 9:43 pm

The 2002 is much better. In the latest edition of they have a test of a AB2002 11.8. My mate had a 11.8 2001 and now owns a 11.8 2002. I've used it also and own a 2002 AB11.8 myself.

More stable, more lift, more hangtime etc etc

It also does not use mylar.
So definetely get a 2002.

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Postby aklbob » Wed Oct 23, 2002 12:32 am

Which ever you can afford! The 2002 will probably last longer..

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Postby Hernan » Wed Oct 23, 2002 11:08 am

I have used both. Construction and materials are better on 02 SERIES 2 (there is a series 1 with the same 01 mylar insideout). Performance is not so different. 02 has more low end, 01 has more top. A very cheap 01 is not a bad deal. If going to a brand new kite, is better wait for the AMP or new Hydro. (or 03 takoon)

Airblast are very good kites, very advanced when they appeared. In fact a lot of "new: design concepts were there two years ago, high AR, shallow and fast profile, wider wingtips, more struts to support the structure and super windrange. The AB 8.4 is still one of the sweetest kites out there. (and world hangtime record holder).


Postby fokiten » Wed Oct 23, 2002 4:26 pm

dido hernan,there is no bad choice here, I have 02, used to fly 01, unless i look up i cannot tell the difference, its a wash!

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Postby Peter_Frank » Wed Oct 23, 2002 5:11 pm

The Airblast 01's is just as good as the 02's - in the 8.4 size and down.

A 2001 11.8 is waaaay slower than the 2002 11.8 - the new is incredibly fast turning !

So a new 11.8 has really no resemblance to the "old" 2001 in handling - they are very different. The wind range are quite similar though - but you will love to fly the 2002 because it's so lively.

In smaller sizes you can't really tell the difference.

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