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Giiiive meee morrrrr depowrrrrrrrr

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Postby Guest » Thu Nov 07, 2002 4:34 am

Reading thru this there seems to be two ways of thinking, Some seem to refer to the length of the line running down to the chicken loop as the depower, others refer to the amount of depower which I read as being the amount of rope that you can pull down and lock in one place. Me pesonally have my bar set so when it is right out on the chicken loop it is running at optimum power, any sheeting in will flare the kite, good for jumps stalls the kite so wont overfly keeping the kite above for good hangtime. If I want to depower the kite I pull the depower line which I have lengthened alot so can ride for longer on those gusty days when the wind is up and down, Also good for going upwind when kite is really depowered.

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Mr Jo Macdonald
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Postby Mr Jo Macdonald » Thu Nov 07, 2002 9:35 am

Yeah we're talking about 2 different kites here though the X2 (i presume) or other front line fliers which maybe don't benifit much if ata all from more depower as they're already flying on the fronts, and back line fliers like the Fuel which fly on the back lines more.

If you don't want full depower on jumps (hands off or whatever) just jump hooked into the fixed loop.

Don't agree that once the backs are loose (at least for a back line flier) then you can't get more depower. Now with more depower the kite pulls a lot less in the gusts, and you can fly it forwards and back at the edge of the window better to compensate.
Maybe it's also the drag of the back lines in the wind that keeps the kite powered.

Fokiten you say oversheeting is useless, on all kites or just front liners? I still want to know whether a back line flyer turns fastest with the tips even or slightly oversheeted (ie flying more on the back lines)
Is there no reason to oversheet a back liner? No more power (less actually sounds like), turns slower, flies further back in the window?
Until now I've been flying the fuels so that all 4 lines are tight with the depower at the bar and this means that the last 5 cm of depower near the bar slightly oversheets the kite and they seem to fly ok like this or is it better to have the tips even with the depower at the bar?


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Postby EdDy_DiFfUsIvItY » Thu Nov 07, 2002 11:28 am

Hey Jo, i bin doin dat shit for months now, and its true, it flies much better with loads of depower, finding the edge of the window is easier and turning isnt compromised. I never use std. Chicken loops, always a 1 meter cord from my trim strap to my metal ring (oo eer).

dont forget to stick your arse out when measuring the length.

Yes why the hell are naish / airrush etc only giving 7 inches of depower ? i flew an air rush 7.4 yesterday and couldnt stop it over flying and death dropping due to the 6 inches of depower - crap.

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