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What will I benefit by trade in

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Postby Guest » Sun Nov 10, 2002 1:40 pm

what will I benefit by trade in
my Wipika FA 14.9 with
F-NOE 18.1 or AERO 20 both 2002
in meaning of up/low power , spead
(190 lbs , 160 picklefork )


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Postby Toby » Sun Nov 10, 2002 2:16 pm

the kites will be faster in turning.
The F-One should be faster than the Aero and create more lift. Therefore the low end of the Aero should be better, but the high end is better with the F-One.
Relaunch? I don't know. But I guess the Aero will be easier, since the F-One has a higher AR, which makes it more difficult to relaunch.

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Postby murdoc » Sun Nov 10, 2002 8:44 pm

when you're cruisin' around in low end wind with the 18.1, just dont drop it.

i've seen it a few times - wind was just a little bit too calm for my 16m and a guy with 18.1 could ride.
in every first gust, he tracked upwind, waiting for the second gust to jump.

looked like fun and a bit of work ... but he dropped the kite twice.
one time, relaunch was possible, he had to pull and run like mad (shallow water) to make it flip over and run to get it into the right starting position,
the other time, he had help.

in higher winds, relaunch is easier.

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