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Gaastra gxr or Naish x2

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Postby Dwight » Sun Nov 10, 2002 12:41 pm

On 2002-11-10 06:16, BLOWN AWAY wrote:
Hey Dwight.... are the X10s out now are they...???

and they still go their butts whooped by the Rhino II. :smile:

Naish had them at the Red Bull. They threw everything they had at Jaime but couldn't match his consistantly superior jumps. Naish won the freestyle, not the pure jumping part of the contest. Cabrinha wasn't even in the game. Julie won the womens hang time with a freaky low jump that lasted forever because of a double boost wind gust.

At the US dealer Naish conference they talked down the X10, saying it only worked when the moon and planets were in perfect alignment. It's has a tiny window of when it jumps best. I would be surpised to see anybody buy one. They say it was a combination of everything they knew about how to built a kite all in one design. The x10 will be blown into the dust with the new kites released in the spring of 2003. Remember you heard it here first.

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