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Snap shackle trigger device

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Postby randykato » Tue Nov 26, 2002 6:41 am

well, i guess i shouldn't have opened my mouth because after spending even more time today trying to make an accidental release impossible with my tylaska t-5 trigger, i was coming down from a spin transition and just as i spotted my landing....*tink*.....there goes the kite.

the problem is that i wear a pfd/impact vest that can push on one side of the trigger. i tried to set up the trigger so that it will only release with both sides pulled, but there is one way that it can still happen - it's if one of the rubber ends lodges itself under the upper frame of the trigger hole and the other side is pushed down.

after much tinkering i do believe i've found a solution, though only lots of time on the water will validate it. i've put a couple of ss washers on the rod to keep the rubber rod ends away from the trigger hole. this also let's both ends slide around easier so there are two ways that this prevents the problem i was having.

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