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Postby Guest » Mon Nov 25, 2002 3:35 pm

i weigh 80 kg and have a 157 board,will i be able to kite in 11-12 knots'how does the kite compare to other brands,is it durable,overall impressions etc.
any info appreciated.

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Postby NIKS » Mon Nov 25, 2002 3:42 pm

Hi, I'm using it from 10 to 22 knots. Best performance 14/17 knots. Not great with lightest wind due to the weight of the wing. But great in the hi-end of the range.
Yesterday was difficult to hold 12 m for many and I was overpowered but in great control with the 16.5 (12.2 BT) .
Don't buy it if you are looking for low end of the range. In that case better 30 m lines.
To me in any case it is a great gadget and very durable one.


Postby Guest » Mon Nov 25, 2002 5:38 pm

I have the 12.2 02' and I'm 90kgs and have a 148 Vari. The 12.2 is one of my favorite kites for light wind but I do need at least 15 knts to stay up wind. As far as durability I've had no problems with the kite and am very happy with it. It is a heavy kite but with 15kts. it takes very little effort to steer with my 23" bar. I think that most of the weight is in the LEI. The dacron LEI is really big in diameter but because of its construction I usually pump it up till its very rigid and for a kite of this size I usually don't have many problems relaunching it from the water.


Postby Guest » Mon Nov 25, 2002 9:31 pm

Fly it with a 28" bar if you can. Especially if you are on the light end of the wind range.


Postby Guest » Mon Nov 25, 2002 10:49 pm

I've been riding this kite (BT 12.2) for about months. It doesn't turn quite as well as as an X2, but a prefer it because it seems to have more low end grunt. It is very stable and often corrects itself if you luff it after a bad jump.
It needs to be pumped up very rigid for best performance. people who thought this kite jellyfished didn't pump it up enough. I liked this kite so much that I will be investing in a 2003 version. I wouldn't hesitate to get a 2002 at a good price.

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