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Lightening strike cornwall latest

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Postby trouty » Tue Nov 26, 2002 12:20 am

Here is a more accurate account of what happend.The story from the local paper (THE WESTERN MORNING NEWS): The Incident occured @ Porth-kidney sands @ Carbis Bay (near St Ives) on 23/11/02 4:00pm. A bolt of lightening hit a tree on the side of the cliff, sending a massive electrical current into the water below. The force of the bolt caused a womans heart to stop beating and a male companion surfing nearby got knocked unconcious. Several other surfers suffered shock.
Luckily a doctor living in a nearby beach house witnessed the accident and was able to ressusitate the woman. She was then taken by air ambulance to hospital where she is now stable.
Bob Charleston station officer at St Ives cliff rescue team said "I have heard of people being struck by lightening before but never while they are in the water" !!!
...... You have been warned !!!
sorry about the other account (news travels fast in cornwall) just shows how things can get a little distorted !!

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Postby RickI » Tue Nov 26, 2002 4:22 am

Hello Trouty,

Thanks for the additional information.


I was able to find the newspaper account at: ... PK=3108200

It sounds pretty incredible and it is great that no one was seriously hurt.

Rick Iossi

N O T E :

Kiteboarders that fly with conditions such as those shown in the photo are laying themselves open to serious wind gusts, reversals, lulls, lightening and possible injury. It was easy to blow a lot of this stuff off (for some riders), when fatalities were infrequent.

I think for the moment, our incredible luck may have fled for a while. It is past time to use reasonable caution near hazards. Riding near the "flame" is a numbers game and it would seem that some numbers are being called now unfortunately. It is all about choice though just make your choices well. Please look over the Safe Kiteboarding Guidelines** and give your riding habits some thought. If you see people that seem to need some good advice, please try to speak with them. You may not get through but then again you might and that should justify the exercise.

Rick Iossi


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