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mach2 or blacktip 2003

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Postby Guest » Fri Nov 29, 2002 12:47 pm

To sq225917
from what the f***....
You are problably a f*** that uses your kite to show off people like a dickhead at the beach. And each time a new kite come out you will buy and try to sell your old kite as a almost new kite. You problably kite about ten times a year. and that's why your so worry with the resale value of your kites.
I use my kites about five to six times a week. After a year of that intense use you problably won't get much money anyway for you kites. I went true f-ones and cabrinhas. My f-ones still don't have any delam problems after one year of intense use. All three kites are all o.k. Not even saw the bladders yet. No leaking what so ever. My 2002 cabrinhas i gave them away. They are made of dacron but that the only thing that didn't break. (carbon end broke, where the panel are printed black the sun toast the material and breaks so the whole kite broke except where it is dacron. wow. No resale value there. I use my kites a lot so I know what will hold. And you can say f-one mylar sucks but my is still going stong after on year and two cabrinhas.

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Postby Jorrit » Sat Nov 30, 2002 5:21 pm

Hi guys,

I've flown the Mach 2 (12) now, and I can tell you it's a great kite, but different then the Mach 1.
It's has a good quick steering, but very nice (not tot slow, not too fast -> I prefer the steering of the 12.1 Mach 1, but this kite is a little faster). The bar pressure is low, you can (almost) steer the kite with two fingers haha. It has a great lift, power but also depower. The kite starts faster then last year (under range is great) and you can hold it longer in harder winds.
The use of materials is great by F.One guys so please don't say that it's crap! The F.One guys put all the money in manufacturing! So the materials are really good. I've now the 2002 F.One's and don't have any problems, next year also the F.One's (2003) and I'm sure then it will be better (if the 2002 materials were good, so I think/know the 2003 materials are even good or better)!

Also looking forward to the F.One Dream.


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