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Helicopter Accident -- Picture

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Postby Guest » Mon Nov 12, 2001 10:46 am

The story of the accident with the helicopter was posted in the e-groups.
It happened in Brasil. A stupid pilot came too close to a kite and the kitesurfer got lucky and was able to let go of the bar and kite. Otherwise he would have been in the rotor.
So always watch out for helicopters coming too close to us!


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Postby BLOWN AWAY » Sat Aug 17, 2002 3:05 am

.... and I bet the down draft from the rotor would play havoc with the kites flying as well...


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Postby RickI » Sat Aug 17, 2002 5:45 am

We have frequent coastal helicopters flying over and near the beach. Most of these guys fly 400 ft. or higher. Unfortunately some fly within 100 ft. of the water and at about 150 mph. Imagine what would happen if a chopper skid caught your kite while moving along at 150 mph. Not a good image with a very low likelihood of a happy ending.

So, I keep my ears open, if I hear something inbound I figure out where it is. If it looks like it is going to overfly me, I drop the kite down near the water until the guy moves past.

Yet another good reason not to park your kite at the zenith. Another is setting yourself up for potentially getting wrapped up in line, if your kite suffers a major stall and showers line over you. It has happened to some kiteboarders already.

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