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Postby surfstoel » Mon Dec 16, 2002 2:50 pm

Has anyone some suggestions where to go in Florida for a kiteboarding holiday (and where to stay?)
I saw some pictures of Fort lauderdale, and these looked quite good. How about learning facilities (my spanish girlfriend, is joining me and wants to start..:wink:
And last but not least, how is the wind in jan/feb/march???


Reinoud from freezing Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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Postby xid3d » Tue Dec 17, 2002 2:29 pm

skip Florida, go to Corpus Christi Texas.

or come to Florida anyway, share my missery!

Florida is a variable high pressure cull zone. The weather forcasters can't figure it out. Changes by the hour.

cheers, Dix

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Postby RickI » Tue Dec 17, 2002 2:39 pm

Hello Surfstoel,

The winds do go up and down here. Normally the fronts that slide down from the Artic once to twice a week govern the wind speed and direction this time of year. I may not have noticed in previous years but it seems like things are a bit more complicated these days with systems out of the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico interacting with the cold fronts.

At any rate you might checkout the message archives on similar subjects on the FKA list and post specific questions on that forum or this one.

Have a good trip,
Rick Iossi

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Postby Flyboy » Tue Dec 17, 2002 3:53 pm

Just got back from a trip to Florida - I can't say I'm an expert on the kiting possibilties, but I can say this: Ft. Lauderdale is not a particularly good location, especially to learn. Only wind direction would be north east through south. The beach is fairly busy with road, buildings etc. OK if you're able to stay upwind.

For kitesurfing the best area is around Tampa where you can kite in practically any wind direction, also some beautiful beaches, shallow water & not too busy. Fort De Soto is a great spot. Contact Johnny at Tampa Bay kitesurfing for more info.

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Postby Johnonymous » Wed Dec 18, 2002 12:17 am

Yeah ya. That is when you can find Johnny!
This here is one hard person to catch up to sometimes!
Busy busy busy.
All work and no play makes jack a dull boy. Maybe someone should tell Johnny this sometime.
Great spot to go kiteboarding just the same.
Friendly atmosphere and other kiters are pretty helpful too. nice, warm, shallow water with beaches facing every direction. It could be paradise if only they had some nice steady tradewinds.

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Postby surfstoel » Wed Dec 18, 2002 11:49 am

THNX!! :smile:

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