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Adding inserts for grab handle?

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Postby pluvious2002 » Tue Jan 21, 2003 6:34 pm

I just got a new (used) WT (138) and was disappointed to find that it did not come w/inserts for a grab handle.

Any advice as to how to install these would be much appreciated.

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Postby murdoc » Tue Jan 21, 2003 8:19 pm

instead of the typical volkswagen handle i would prefer a piece of hose with a decent diameter.
for the hose, use the inserts for the footstraps, and you are set without drilling holes into your board ...

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Postby Woody » Tue Jan 21, 2003 8:23 pm

What you can do is drill a large hole (15 mm diameter) in the deck for each place you need an insert. Also scratch some of the foam away under the laminate around the holes. Fill the hole with epoxy which has been mixed up with glass bubbles. Be sure the epoxy also gets under the deck where you scrached the foam away. Let it cure and make it flatt to the deck. Drill a small hole of about 2,5 mm en use a parker 5,5 mm to screw the handle on your board.



Postby Guest » Wed Jan 22, 2003 12:08 pm

If i were you i`d use a router with a fixed depth plunger. A lot of these naw stlye boards are real thin and its only to easy to push a little hard and kpow you`re right through. Also when you have a fair bit of epoxy in one place bacarefull it does`nt get to hot and bubble, if it does you wont have a very strong screw attachment. Why not use a footstrap plug thats what thre for and i`m sure your mod will look a lot neater.

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Postby Royce » Wed Jan 22, 2003 12:43 pm

Take it to a board repair guy.If you are Doing that yourself and you have not alot of repair experience, then order at least another one or 2 bords so when that one delams around the insert you will still be able to kite.
Aloha Royce.

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Postby surferguy » Wed Jan 22, 2003 3:06 pm

Dude why not just cut some TRAC-TOP and put as many grabs on as you want? I thought this would be an easy way without drilling holes...

I wouldnt suggest putting it on the bottom of the board though....


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