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Postby WildThang » Tue Jan 21, 2003 10:34 pm


I'm not even sure I should be considering this, but what's the best way to help a fellow kiter relaunch a big kite in light air when it's LE down?

Not considering doing this in any heavy air, but last season, I saw many of my friends unable to launch their big LEIs in lite winds. I would like to save them a swim if possible.

I realize there are risks involved, but is there a safe way to do it?



Postby fokiten » Tue Jan 21, 2003 11:20 pm

Hi, I have been helped a few times with my big kite in light wind, The secret is to get the kite right in the middle, then use your kite to drag the downed kite off to the side of the window, as it gets off balance you can flip it, like you wrestle a steer, just keep twisting and it will flip.
This is a great skill to have,

even better is being able to launch your self in light wind.
The key is working everything as a team,
Lay on your board for max speed a must,
pull the center lines in like 3 mtrs for a head start, get a superman shape and max drift before you make your play,
then when you feel luckey, let go of the lines swim like hell and pray,
I am still working on this, it ain't easy but what else have you got to do?
best of luck


Postby Guest » Tue Jan 21, 2003 11:49 pm

Just be careful helping others relaunch (or drag in for that matter)

Two incidents have happened to me:

1. Trying to give someone my leash to pull them back to shore, their kite relaunched and managed to get tangled in mine. Net result there was two out of control kites pulling us both by our leashes.

2. Trying to flip a guys kite over to relaunch it a small gust blew it into me - result my board punctured his canopy.

So think before trying to rescue someone, you might end up damaging his equipment or worse putting both of you in more danger. I find now it is easier to kite up to the downed rider and explain how to do a self rescue. It takes up less of my time and gets the rider back onto the beach in one piece safely.

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Postby Royce » Tue Jan 21, 2003 11:49 pm

Sail in and get your boat. Try not to run over his lines or him or the kite. Pick up the kite, throw him a beer and take his kite back to the beach as he swims in thinking how silly he was to kite in so light a wind.
Yeah. Well thats what my friends here do to me all the time.
Aloha Royce.

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