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Keepin’ it Hot

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Mr Jo Macdonald
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Postby Mr Jo Macdonald » Wed Jan 22, 2003 9:51 pm

Keepin’ it Hot

Ok here’s somethin for all you Cool Dudes, Icemen, Shiverin Willies and Brass Monkeys out there, something of a topical but not entirely tropical nature, something to help out all you guys n’ girlz kitin in colder climes this winter.
When it’s 40 below and blowin a gale with the windchill factor addin anutha –20 but you just haveta get yer fix you kite maniac you, how do ya keep it hot?
Well, one way which is pretty obvious is just to stick a wooly sock on it, like T-Rex stickin a bunch o socks down his skin tight hipsters to wow the girlz at the gigs, not that any real musician would need to do anything as glam as that, Jimi Hendrix fer example had enough problems sortin his gear out apparently without addin any extra paddin which reminds me of those two ladies who used to go around Woodstock makin plaster casts of rock stars dicks. Hey plaster heats up as it sets, yeah man, that’d keep it hot, so all ya haveta do is become a rockstar and let these chicks cast it, whatever, sorry gettin sidetracked as usual, back to duh plot.

Here are some of your own genial suggestions for keepin it hot:

“Whale blubber or lardâ€

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