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Posted: Sun Mar 03, 2002 11:00 am
by pagrus
Has anyone flown the new fuels in either the 14 or 16.0m models. Slingshot reckon the 14 is the equivalent of an 11.8 airblast, but others say that they measure their kites the same as naish, and in that case it would only be slightly bigger than a 10.0m airblast. Also, if you have flown either of these fuels, then are they faster or as fast as the 11.8 airblast or 16.0m north?

Posted: Sun Mar 03, 2002 3:33 pm

Slingshot uses the same sizing concept as Naish. The "Surface Area" is the total size of a kite when layed out at the ground.
Wipika, Cabrinha and Takoon use the projected area. If you multiply the projected area time 1.36 you will have the surface area.
You can go to our site and click on the company your are interested in and you will see in a tab the size and surface area.

Posted: Wed Apr 10, 2002 6:22 pm
by REALkiteboardingPR
just tried the 12m 2002 fuel in 22kts on a wake and it feels better that the North, lots of pop and realy good glide,Very responsive on the chicken loop and fast.

Posted: Wed Apr 10, 2002 11:58 pm
by Toby
I will test the Slingshot kites end of April at the Testival "King of the Coast", Germany.
I will let you guys know how it flies (if there is wind!)

Posted: Mon Apr 15, 2002 1:28 pm
by Guest
I Have an entire 2002 SlingShot Fuel Quiver consisting of an 8m, 10m, 12m, 14m, 16m, and the 18m. I am MOST pleased with them all...aside from the fact that I can hardly hang onto the 18 in 12 knots or's more of a BIG GUYS kite rather than a Super lightwind kite. If you are under 200 lbs, I wouldn't recommend using the 18. More info may be found at
Once there, if you want or need further info, feel free to contact the webmaster(me) of the site.


Posted: Mon Apr 15, 2002 1:31 pm
by Toby
Hi Johnny,

can you compare the lift of the Slingshots to e.g. Rhino and ARX?


Posted: Mon Apr 15, 2002 1:49 pm
by Guest
Flew the Rhino's a while back. It's been a while, so comparing it would be difficult, but I DO recall that when I flew the RHino, I fealt like I was flying any other opposed to when I first layed my hands on the 2002 SlingShots. WOW! They were like the second coming of Christ to me. IMPRESSIVE to say the least. I was so impressed in fact, that I started telling people how great they were, SO MUCH, that people started thinking I was being paid to promote them. UNTRUE that is. I LOVE THESE KITES! I swear by them. I am willing to let anyone who can get to me here demo ANY size of them that they wish.

As far as the Aero's...well, I've always been pretty satisfied with my Naish kites, but, in my opinion, they aren't SlingShots by a longshot!

If at all possible, I highly recommend to people that are wanting a new kite to at LEAST try the SlingShots, just to see for themselves what they are capable of.

Team TampaBay Kitesurf took first place in the Big Air/Hangtime contest in Islamorada on SlingShot kites. If memory serves, I think SlingShot kites captured 2nd as well with a Naish Aero taking 3rd.


Posted: Mon Apr 15, 2002 2:15 pm
by Toby
sounds cool.
I will test it soon.

Are you using Slingshots for your schools?
I saw your school info on but this info was missing.


Posted: Mon Apr 15, 2002 2:20 pm
by Johnny TBKS
YA MON! We try to use SlingShots exclusively in my school, but we do still have a few small Naish Kites laying around that get used from time to time when we are super swampped.
My theory is that if people are trying to learn on what, in my personal opinion, are the best kites made, then their learning curve will be much faster.

Posted: Mon Apr 15, 2002 2:43 pm
by Toby
I do agree with you!