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Cabrinha 11,5 co2 - 2002 kite - Impression

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Postby kitesurfbali » Sun Apr 28, 2002 4:19 am

hello friends,
I had a chance to teach to a student on his new CO2 11,5 cabrinha in 4
line setting.
During the lessons I used it a little and I can give some impression:
Water relaunch: ok for this size of kite little hard to make it flip,
need to swim fast, but far easier then other Inflatable.
Power: quite powerfull, I was already going with the school 7,2
directional in 8-10 knots.
Speed: is not a fast flying kite but is Ok as is a beginner kite.
I don't think it will work well in a 2 kine mode!!!! too small bar...
Stability: pretty stable but watch out for luffing as is you don't
keep pression on the rear line the kite fall down from the sky (at
least in light wind), this was not really impressing me specially when
teaching to beginner that loose some time in get thing done in the
Jumping and lift: I just try few, and was OK, nothing special but
this kite can jump.
Kite construction: looks quite good specially the kite tips (with
batten) and the bladder (very nice the LE bladder with the zodiac
style valve).
Bar: good as last year, but very disappointing the chicken loop (same
as last year) that is the same size of the main loop and is very
difficult to get in and out, many time you get connected by mistake
in the 2 loop and can't get out!!!
One more thing I think is important, the bar can be set up as rearide
(longhorn and Airrush) but is not!!!!! you still have the leash
attach to an extra line!!!!! VERY BAD SOLUTION,,,,,,,,
final conclusion:
quite easy kite good as an entry 4 line kite for beginner, R & D
cabrinha people should have make a better job for safety feature like
chicken loop and safety leash!!!!.

Bye Jankie

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Postby Toby » Sun Apr 28, 2002 10:12 pm

Hi Jankie,

thanks for your detailed report!


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