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Posted: Mon Mar 18, 2002 3:24 pm
by murdoc
hey there,
is anyone riding with this one ?
my problem:
one of my kite-buddys wants to sell me his -
because he has problems with his ribs and needs a seat-harness.
he used it the whole last season and loves it -
i tried it out 3 times now. on the first day i was impressed, but could only ride for about 20 minutes. on the second day it opened itself and
left me puzzling it together with a tubekite dangling on the safety leash and drifting along about 2km downwind.
on the 3rd day it opened again. luckily i was flying an arc-stack and coulf fix it without danger ....

my buddy used it again for buggykiting a whole day - and it worked.

i know that he's not lying - iv'e been on the same spots with him last season and iv'e never seen him having probs ...

do these things have personality and this lil bastard simply dislikes ME ?!??!

or are there any possible things i could do wrong - i noticed that the hook was about 5-6cm too far on the left-hand-side - may that have caused it?

Posted: Mon Mar 18, 2002 5:01 pm
by Royce
Dude, the new ones for this year are the nicest harnesess that I have ever used. I would wait for those ones, If you're dissapointed I'll buy you one of yours...just kidding but the new ones are the most comfortable thing you will buy. However if you use the other one ie 2001... firstly undo the webbing on both sides, pull the release so the bar hangs from one side then before you put it on your waist pull the flapps on the side and undo the velcro elastic adjustment... put the harness around your waist, secure the waist adjustment just so it fits snug, the harness should be looking like wings now with the back of the harness open, then secure the sides so they are snug, snap the bar into place.... watch out that the neoprene doesn't get stuck between the pin and the hole, then pull on the wbbing straps evenly to ecure the bar in the middle. I have used that particular harness and bar all year competing and wavesailing and never once had it fail. Also we sell them here and the only way to get them to release accidentaly is to get the neoprene or tons of sand stuck in the hole for the pin. Great harness but as I said before the next one is amazing.Aloha R