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Posted: Wed Mar 20, 2002 1:29 pm
by lorenzosea
what is your preference ? is the wind scale similar for these kites?
Which kite offer the most depower (border choquer in french)

Posted: Wed Mar 20, 2002 2:14 pm
by Toby
I just talked to the test team in Cabarete.
Following kites are their choice:

16.0 Rhino
8.5 Skoop (surface area 11.6 sqm)
they couldn't test smaller kites yet.

All of the team agree 100% on the Takoon Skoop 8.5 to be the "best" kite in this size around compared to the tested kites.
"Best" because of handling, power, lift, quality.

The future will tell us, if the test team speaks out for the majority of kitesurfers worldwide. Since I know most of the guys and how critical they are, I trust their opinion.

Since we already discussed about what is the best and what not, I wanted to point out that this is the opinion of the test team.
To find out which kites will be the best for you, try to test it yourself, since everyone prefer's something different.

Other opinions on the Takoon Skoop 8.5 would be very helpful.


Posted: Wed Mar 20, 2002 2:25 pm
by Toby
But all of the above mentioned kites are very good regarding the power, quality, lift.
Have a closer look at the accessories, if you want it complete.

Takoon has 3 quick releases, here a picture:

The North bar isn't the best neither the F-One bar

But you also can order an individual bar.

No easy decision....and the prices are all about the same.

Posted: Wed Mar 20, 2002 6:58 pm
by Guest
I have a Takoon 8.5. I have only used it in really light winds so far (8-10 knots, except for 10 minutes of 10-20 knots)) but it is very impressive. It turns as quick as my ARX 7.5m IMO and provides a lot of power. Compared to ARX's and Rhino's it has a much lighter feel. The build quality is excellent and it does not seem to ever want to fall out of the sky. A short bar is a must as it is so responsive. It is undoubtedly my favourite kite.

Posted: Wed Mar 20, 2002 7:14 pm
by lorenzosea
hello, when you test the skoop 8.5 in the light wind, do you manage to surf correctely?
Do you think i could surf with 9-10knots with a 207 board and this kite?
my weight is 65 Kg

Posted: Wed Mar 20, 2002 7:31 pm
by Toby
I heard it is very fast too.
It handles like between ARX 7.5 and 9.5.

Posted: Fri Mar 22, 2002 1:41 pm
by Guest
I weigh 75kg's and ride an F-one 170tt and the 8.5m got me going in less than 10 knots. I reckon I could stay on a reach in about 12 knots. Best thing to do is go and try one - you won't regret it.

Posted: Fri Mar 22, 2002 1:48 pm
by Toby
with a big board it should work.
but you have to fly the kite very active up and down to catch the wind.
Therefore the 8.5 =surface area 11.6 has a big windrange so you can fly it up to 6.5 Beaufort, depending on the board, weight and ability.
According to tests the Skoop has one of the widest depower ranges similar to the Airblast 8.4.