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ARC 1510 against ARC 1120

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Postby Odin » Mon May 06, 2002 2:39 pm

I have heard that the ARC 1510 isn´t so much better than the ARC 1120. Can me tell somebody something about the Performance. Is it possible to go out with the ARC 1510 in light Wind conditions ( 10 Knots ) , if your weight is 85 kg and you using a 7,00" Skypirate Directional Board . I have the ARC 1120 and it dos not work well before 14 Knots. Work well means go upwind not anything else.I would buy the ARC 1510 when it´s possible with my weight to Start at 10 Knots. I love the ARC but I need more power. Who own the ARC 1510 and can help me to make a descision.

A Kiter from Germany

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Postby kitesurfbali » Mon May 06, 2002 3:43 pm

Hello kiters from Germany,
I have all the ARC quiver and if you look there is a post earlier with all my personal report on all the kite.
I weight 65 kilos and I use a small twin tip.
The 1510 start to work with 8 knots for me.
There is a lot of difference with the 1120.
For example I'm out on the 1510 fully power on my tt, my friend (same weight) with his 6,6 Naish sky directional and 1120 can't stay up wind even swinging the kite like a crazy.
I would say the 1510 have the same power of the stack 840-1120.
The kite is good for cruising as is quite slow turning no good for waveriding and for really big jump.
I used a 65 cm bar buit was too small need at least 85 cm bar and maybe 25 meter line to work better.
If you are interested I have my 1510 to sell brain new, tested 6-7 times.
I used them most of the time in the Bali wave and is not the kite for this condition.
I sell it 600 US$ kite only.
If you want I can send you picture.
Bye Jankie

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