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Postby jamisdiablo » Wed Apr 24, 2002 1:47 am

plz help on next couple kites i should get, thx!

have: older shadows 5.0 and 9.0, naish ar5 7.5 (4.4)
wipi 72" olry TT board (seems pretty floaty), i weigh 215lbs. and average wind conditions are 8-20mph maybe 25...

considering getting 2 newer kites, arc and inflat. like wipi. or f-one or tykoon i guess... what sizes should i be looking into?

the 9.0 i have i know is a good learner kite but i fear it'll be a lot of work to get anywhere as i know its slow... i flown my naish a few times but i think it's too small for my area and conditions and once i get decent i know i'll want more power, it's just the wind is usually steady here but on the lighter side... i really dont want to use a larger board if i can avoid that...

I'm thinking 1120 or larger arc or new flysurfer? and maybe something like an 18 or 16 medium aspect inflat.?

Thanks, everyone for the help!

safe kiting...

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