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The longest wait in kiteing,,,

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The longest wait in kiteing,,,

Postby fokiten » Tue Feb 18, 2003 9:11 pm

A was kiteing sunday, first time in like 12 days, I bozoed a jump just didn,t bring the kite back, I don't why?,,, maybe I forgot,,, I don't know?

Any way I tea baged in,,, and was watching the kite luff,,, as I sank under water, sitting thier board on my feet,,, slack in the lines ,,,eyes closed ,, bubble, bubble, waiting,,,,,, I was thinking man this is the longest 3 seconds in the whole history of wait for shit to happen,,,,,how bout it??
Is this the worsed wait or what?,,
who has not experienced this??
I started to laugh and wammmo back in business,,

PS. I though if peter could post about flying kites indoors then what the f- this is important shit,,
Just kidding peter if you say so I beleive it..

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