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One of those days

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Mr Jo Macdonald
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One of those days

Postby Mr Jo Macdonald » Fri Apr 25, 2003 2:08 pm

Remember that day when everything just clicked and you actually became a kitesurfer, did that feel good or what? From that day on you ain't looked back, you can feel what your kite is doing like you're plugged into it, go upwind like a train on autopilot, jump all over the shop and try all those great moves you've only dreamt of until now, or even invent your own and go sooooo high you almost can't believe it.

Yep, many good days, but every now and then you can also get "one of those" days. This has happened to me in nearly all sports and other activities, normally when I'm mentally and/or physically tired or just not in the groove with what and where and how, not concetrating. You go from being hot, progressing all the time, to being a total retard.

Yesterday was one of those, I had about an hour before I had to go get the kids so I trucked off down to the beach for what looked like it would be a fairly cool light/medium wind session, launched the kite in full power trim just as the WIND hit and I am like totally, ridiculously overpowered without my high wind board to grab. Ok, land the kite, trim her down, launch, and I've got a crossed line, f*** like someone is trying to tell me forget it.
Ok, I get the message and it's late by now anyway so I pack up and go home and go get the kids.
Of course when I get back the wind has dropped to a gnat's fart, oh well.

Later that day, I truck off down to the beach again, no time limits this time, just a nice sea breeze to kite into the sunset, set up, launch the kite and I'm totally underpowered with the kite still trimmed down for minimum power from earlier, fuckin numbskull.
Land the kite, trim her for full power, launch and the wind immediately gets gusty as f*** with massive "what wind?" holes in it and changing direction and the window all the time so the kite is left outside the window, drops, I catch her, have to fly her back through the window to get her going again as a big gust hits, I try going out and after starting, stopping, starting, stopping, and dropping the kite in the massive lulls, relaunch, one brake line catches between the board and a fin making the kite turn this side and crashing again, sort that, and I finally decide to go back in, fly the kite to dry her and call it a day, one of "those" days.
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Postby chicagokitesurfer » Fri Apr 25, 2003 3:25 pm

One of "those" days, eh? For me that was Pre-Kiteboarding. I'm at 2A.K. My second year of Kitesurfing. The days before are now hazy and gray...I can barely recall what I used to do for fun (rock climb, beach vball, ski/snowboard, etc.) but now, all I do it look at the many wind indicators on the road (Look at that flag, honey! she yells, "look at that rear bumper we're about to hit!"), television (where'd they film this? There's WIND! she sigs and says "you have a problem"), cell phone calls from friends (dude, I hear wind on your end!), magazine vacation photos ("honey, look at the palms, they're bent WAY over!"....honey's rolling here eyes at me..). Life today is MUCH better than "those" days...LOL!


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Wind Addicted

Postby KiteVol » Fri Apr 25, 2003 3:45 pm

That sounds very familar. My wife thinks I'm crazy. All I do is look for wind and try to see how fast it is or where it is coming from. Anywhere or anyplace..that is all I seem to do lately.

She say's I need therapy...little does she know I just purchased another kite...should make for an interesting weekend.


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