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Shorter lines BT2001?

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Shorter lines BT2001?

Postby WILCO » Sun Apr 06, 2003 2:14 pm

WIll it help to put 20 m lines (or 15) instead of 27 m lines on the blacktip 2001 9,4 m2 to make it turn a bit quicker, and hold it longer in more wind, since the damn thing won't depower much. I'm weiging 60 kg's, using a 180 cm twin, and a 137cm long 35 width slingshot. With my sling I can hold the kite till about 17 knots, on the water that is. On land I need assistance then for holding me and walking to the water. I'm totally overpowered then, but when I'mriding on my sling, I just love all the power. But I want to feel a bit safer on shore, and don't want to be possibly hazardous for other people. So wíll shorter lines, really make it a lot easier to handle the kite in higher winds? And make it turn quicker, cause the 2001 BT is sluggish.

BTW, can I cut my 27 m lines, and put sleeves on them. That way I can still choose. A bit like the 20 + 7 m lines on the Aero 2?

Thnx for the replies :thumb:

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Postby Peter_Frank » Sun Apr 06, 2003 4:42 pm

Nope, it wont help shortening the lines, in more wind.

But you might get the feel that it lifts faster, because the wind window is smaller.
Meaning that the kite does not turn quicker - but it will feel like it does when jumping, which is good if you felt it was too slow for lift off before.
The problem with shorter lines, is that it will cost you the hang time (decreases a lot).

The top end is the same though, regardless of line length.

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