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G-ARcers give me some input on the 10

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G-ARcers give me some input on the 10

Postby WILCO » Sun Apr 27, 2003 1:24 am

What's the amount of lift this beauty gives, comparable to which other (tube)kite? And MOST INPORTANTLY what's the windrange for a:

-60kg rider, with 137 by 35 board???? Tell me, plz :thumb:


10m Geurilla

Postby Guest » Sun Apr 27, 2003 2:14 am

I'm 85kg and use my Geurilla 10 m in anything over16knots approx. Can go right up to 35-40 knots but it's starting to get a bit white-knuckle at 40.

I suspect the kite would be best for 15-25knots with a rider of your size. If it's consistently under 20 I would be underpowered.

great for gusty conditions as it absorbs the gusts beautifully compared to tube kites I think. Very nicely behaved!!!

I think it's range would be similar to a 7m (flat) tube kite but with better top end as it depowers incredibly.

Easier upwind and more lift than the tube kites by all accounts - but it's marginal compared to the 03 kites I think.

Still not shipping with the new bar as far as I'm aware which is a bit disappointing. That may have changed in the past few weeks though.

Just my opinion,


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Postby F12-Flyer » Sun Apr 27, 2003 6:09 am

Im 65 kilos and have a 135 ply. I find that under 23 knots its just not enough. The range would be 20-35 for me. over 25 is needed for decent jumps. and unless you get 30+ knots often this kite is not a practicle buy.

most people would consider 30 knots there limit for enjoyable kitesurfing so A kite that maxes out at 30 or even a little less like 28 would be far more suited giving you a decent low end as well covering a way more desired windrange.

15 knots on a G-10 is not possible and im light.


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Postby Mr Float » Sun Apr 27, 2003 8:30 am


I am 95 kg and will put the 10 up if its consistently over 20 kts but can keep going with jumps down to 18 i have maxed out at 38 .There are 2 lightweights here that are going out on their 10 in 15 kts to 30 kts and have used it in less.You will find a bunch of stuff at the yahoo arcusers group on these also .
Opinions differ and there seems to be some experiences that suggest that the bottom end is dissapointing(Rod the F12 flyer for example but Rod did have quite a few problems with his f12 initially and with many tips from myself and others and the will to succeed he got through the ordeal.He has found another love for that range the F 9)
The 10 G is predominantly a back line flyer but even at the low end more active sheeting and particularly acceleration through the bottom turn is required .If i am using it in the low end and I also wish to ride waves I will attach the rear lines at the rear attachment put (what!!! I hear some saying)
I agree that for a high wind kite i feel very comfortable and the kite absorbs gusts beatifully .It is also a good jumper and freestyle is quite comfy though things are quicker than my fave the 13 and I have really been nailed a couple of times .I do tend to be more coservative with the 10 and will either just go for big jumps or waveriding
Beware launching can be a bit tricky but can be mastered after a few goes .If it your first G Arc i would try a few launches in lighter winds to get the hang of things .
I see you are in Holland .Go and see the big apes at Vlieger Op .For that matter if anyone wishes to try them out there are more dealers popping up all over the place and I would suggest that you give them a tryand see for yourself.

All the BEst


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