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Ultimate Lightwind Board

here you can exchange your experience and datas about your home build boards

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Ultimate Lightwind Board

Postby Toby » Fri Jun 20, 2003 9:29 am

The ultimate lightwind machine?

Well , we all know that a twin tip will plane as fast ( if not faster) than a directionnal
board but it wont go upwind as well in marginal conditions due to its limited fin area.
Here is a TT i have been testing lately that will go upwind even when hardly planing .

The foil is symetrical and adjustable in depth to suit the wind strength.It is also raked
at an angle so that when sailing and the board is tilted it will lift the board upwind like
a daggerboard on a windsurf. It is also placed inwards from the rail, so that pressure
on the heels stop the board from fliping over if to much lift is achived.


Although the foil on the photo is 30cm long I have found a water depth of 10-15cm to
be adequate.I have often use this board for long distance cruising upwind. To go down
wind again you have to retract the foil and it will sail like any other TT.


thx to
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Postby Protos » Fri Jun 20, 2003 1:20 pm

I wouldn't want to try jumping with that big ol' fin down there betwixt the legs! :o

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Postby screven » Fri Jun 20, 2003 8:45 pm

I have been getting great up wind performance with a 5'x18"x.5" birch plywood board with a strait rail and no fins at all. The flat board and strait rail and no fins really make a difference. I can stay up wind at 8-9mph with a G13 (160lbs). It took an hour or so to get used to the finless characteristics and after that I forgot I didn't have fins.


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