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Adding fins to current boards

Posted: Wed Jun 25, 2003 11:55 pm
by twosouls
Aloha Group..
I hope someone can help me out..
I have an underground 147 and a litewave 169...
I wanted to add 2 more fins to the heal side like the majority of the new boards coming out have..

Can you just drill the holes and add the fins, or do you have to seal the board first, redrill the holes and then place the fins?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated..

thanks and aloha
Gary S.

Re: Adding fins to current boards

Posted: Thu Jun 26, 2003 1:59 pm
by Vega
First U drill holes bigger than the one U need. U then fill these holes, and after curing U drill the holes needed.
This way, your board is sealed, strong and safe. :thumb: