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Critique my current board shape

here you can exchange your experience and datas about your home build boards

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Critique my current board shape

Postby 5score » Thu Aug 14, 2003 3:07 am


I'm looking for feedback on the custom board that I currently have and what I should be looking for in a new one.

The current board is a few years old. It's laminate epoxy construction. It is a 158cm x 40cm twintip - tips are 23cm and square. Rocker is 6 cm. The portion between the feet is pretty flat - only about 1 cm of rocker at the outside of the foot pads. The last 6 cm of the tips is a semi-flip tip (a flat section slightly upturned relative to the rockered portion before it.) If I include this section total rocker is about 10cm. No concave. The rails are rolled the for the entire length of the edge. Max thickness is around 3.5 cm. Very little flex. Footpads offset towards the heelside edge. 6 fins: 5cm and 3.5 cm heelside, 3.5 cm toeside.

It planes easy and was a great board to learn on. Now that I'm a little better I'd like something that, if possible, goes upwind easier and handles chop better. I weigh around 170 lbs (75-80 kg)

What should I change for my next board?

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